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This is a compilation of work I've done for different businesses and brands for their social media presence and product listings. I also have a few of my own brand photos that I took a liking to. Social media photography has always been one of my favourite kinds in a sense because despite having a little less space to tweak artistically, allows for so much experimentation and creativity in composition. 

Product / SOCIAL MEDIA photography 產品攝影

My Favourite Instagrams / Product Photographers 




You all are a great inspiration to me and my work every day. 

(I'm always looking for more creators to support. If you have some suggestions, leave me a line)

If you are a business, publication or media company and you would like to work with me, please send an email to discussing your needs/terms. I am also easily reachable @takteresa_ on Instagram. 

If you are in Jamaica, you may contact me on WhatsApp +1 (876) 214-5626

 ~work smarter, not harder~ 

ah so-so breadfruit DIS?

(short story excerpt by teresa tak)

"Save him, my child" God thundered in the sky, speaking to his angel. God did not interfere with man often, but there comes a time in every man's life when God sends a guardian, their guardian to attempt to push them back on their path. Jack was a young man, brazen and self-fish. He grew up feeling better than his peers and rationalised himself different. A man of class. 


"I cyaa save Jack" the angel replied to The Lord. "Young people these days cyaa see nothing but the nose on their face"

The Lord did not reply to her, as she knew already what she must do.


"You know only what you see," the woman replied to the young man passing her on the street. She was begging some help at the side of the road, covered and battered up in old clothes. She looked poor, but she didn't look frail. A tell-tale sign of a crook. 

He continued on as if he did not hear her, as one would. You know his mother always told him never to hesitate on the street. "If you flinch, they see their opening," she'd say, and he shan't doubt his mother's word. 

"You know only what you see boy," she called out again, this time letting rags drop to the ground- her physique revealed slender, wrapped in some tight, white leather-looking garment. With the rags gone, the boy could now easily tell she was a woman with class; albeit a strange one. 

"What need you dear?" the boy asked, now wearing a smug look on his face. There was no need to treat the pretty young woman with temperament after all. 

She did not look in his eyes before she found herself in front of him. Once she was up and close she let her grimace wash over the boy. She reached into the air and fabricated a dark sphere of sorts. 

"What's this?" 

"wHaT is tHis?" she mocked in a high pitched tone, dropping the sphere in his arms."I'll come back for this because you wouldn't have eyes to steal it anyway!" she barked after him.


He looked down at the sphere and kissed his teeth. "A nuh so-so breadfruit dis?" he asked glaring back at the woman. She was truly too bright and out-of-order to expect him to keep her breadfruit for her. A true mad ooman mi buk up a road. 


"I just needed a pair of strong hands to help me carry this up the road, but because YUH no waa hear and yuh nuh waa LEARN." She looked up at the sky as if to say something. 

Jack, now enraged by the woman threw the breadfruit on the ground with gusto and raised his hand to strike her. He stopped just before and sighed. "You should learn to have more manners" he commented in a calm tone and walked away, leaving the breadfruit on the side of the road.  

Once again the angel looked up at the sky and said, "I may not be able to change him just like that, but at the very least Lord, I will teach him a lesson," the woman faded into nothing, but the breadfruit remained. 


(to be continued) 

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