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I have a special bond. I know I do.

I know that because she told me we do.

There have been many others. She didn't exactly tell me that, but I sort of understood by the way Misty's breasts sagged from age and multiple litters.


I was the first to fall ill. The first to be separated. The first to need her... and the last. Not one of the others made it. I was too small to realise it at first but I was really the only one. Sometimes I blame myself.

'If I hadn't licked that boot, maybe they'd all still be here'

'Why did I live, and they all leave me?'

As a young me, it really wasn't what I wanted to spend my days thinking about. My mother would come and go licking my ears and encouraging me to growl and tumble. At first, I resented it, but soon I was snarling and conquering- I was a pretty strong boy. It only made sense. Mom never stood a chance

'Louie just wants hugs. Right Louie?' She'd say that about me. She'd make sure everyone understood me. I've been through a lot, and if I can't cuddle I don't know what I'm really here for. Chicken back? Left-overs? Scratches?

Cuddles. I'm here for warm hugs and lift-ups while I still can. They all keep telling me I'll be too big in no time, and I hate it. My place is by the door, near the fridge- close enough so I can hear inside. Close enough so I can get snacks and treats; close enough to be apart of something.

'Louie, are you scared? Here, let me carry you. See? They're pretty!'

There was fire in the sky that day. Mom and Dad ran around to hide and be together, frightened by the rapturing thunder through the sky. Naturally, I ran to her. If anyone could keep me safe it would be them. I shivered by the front door, and as I suspected she came dashing outside. At first, she went right by me, staring at the sky. I whimpered towards her, expecting to see the terror in her eyes.


'Louie, are you scared? Here, let me carry you. See? They're pretty!'

There was no terror. Her eyes... She had wonder in her eyes. The sky clapped and burned again and I turned to run when she picked me up and cuddled me close to her chest. She smiled at me and then continued to look up with wonder. I was afraid, but I decided to look up too. Flowers. Bright flowers were in the sky. They drizzled down to the ground with that burning sound. They were beautiful. My body calmed and I let myself cuddle more into her, watching the weird flowers in the sky.

'You okay now Louie?'

Her voice echoed. What I would have missed, if not for her. My human.

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