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Are you looking to start your journey in self-mastery or see space for growth with me as your mentor? Book a master call or a consultation with me here! I'd love to meet you. 

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🌟What are Master calls?🌟

Master calls are 1:1 sessions where we go deep into your questions and concerns with the aim of you leaving the session with clarity that lasts for a while. You are free to schedule them as little or as often as you like, but I tend to recommend them once a quarter. After a master call, you will leave feeling more confident about where you’re heading, more sure about what you need to work on and have an action plan for your next steps.

🌟About Consultations🌟

Consultations are great for anyone still not so sure what they need or who want to get a feel for what working with me will be like. It’s a completely no-pressure session, and there is no expectation to continue with my services after. The aim is to give you clarity on your needs, and see if I can help you with them! We will have a short conversation, and I will email you with what I gathered and how I could possibly assist. I have been told my consultations in and of themselves are helpful, and even if you decide to go with someone else, I would suggest you share my notes with them to maximise your potential success. I also recommend people to do consultations before their first master call, just to be sure we’re a great fit.

🌟How this Works🌟

During any Master Call (1:1 single session) with me, I will be taking notes and shaping a mind-map with you using Figma. We will aim to collect any information, neuro-linguistic signals or otherwise, and distil gaps in your journey so far. By the end of the session, I will compile the information and send you an email with the mind map, resources, research and actionable steps I would suggest to take you to the next step.

Depending on the kind of coaching, you may get worksheets, 3-month-plans and other deliverables. If you have any more questions on master calls, send me a message or email (



🌟On-Going Mentorship🌟

This page is not for the booking of ongoing mentorships. If you would like to see more regularly for 1:1 check-ins, please contact me directly or book a consultation to discuss your needs. 



🌟 I have a special discount for Jamaicans (and some other Caricom nationals) who want to curate their lifestyle & foster more global outlooks. Please contact me at

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