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& Educator 

I work with words, visuals and human connection to create messaging that forms community in language, culture & lifestyle industries

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Writing Portfolio

Hi there! I'm an experienced and enthusiastic (copy)writer who writes for business & publications in: 「language, culture & lifestyle」 industries. 


Social Media, YouTube
& Content Creation Portfolio 

I'm a Social Media Marketer and Content Creator with 8 years of experience in organic & paid social media marketing, YouTube management and content production in different industries such as Travel, Language, Gaming, General Goods, Supermarkets & Pharmacies. 


Brands & Companies I've Worked With

Content Portfolio Snips

Hi there! I'm an experienced content creator that manages pages & makes content for : 「language, culture & lifestyle」 industries. 

Speaking & Learning Facilitator

Hey there! I love speaking & facilitating learning in any way I can, especially in the language industry or with company culture & efficiency. 

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Speaking & Learning Facilitator Portfolio

Speaker at Women in Languages 

Presented a talk on Language as a Way of Knowing 

Staff Trainer at DasTrader Inc. 

Trained upcoming full time staff in social media management. 

Staff Trainer at General Food

Guided staff through digitisation and new project management worflows.

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