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Business Meeting at a Cafe

Self- Mastery Coaching

Gain Clarity & Control

Learn to place yourself at the centre of your goals and build the habits and systems you need to achieve them.  

Digital Contract

Workflow Design / Digital Transformations

Save Time & Energy

Did you know excel was invented in the 70s? Modernise your workflow to maximise your efficiency and save time. 

Image by Pauline Bernard

Purpose & Alignment 


Gain Insight & Confidence

Not sure where your career is taking you? Feeling unsure about your journey? Build your confidence and position yourself for a life full of opportunity & experience. 

At the Airport

Language and CQ

Gain Perspective

Learn how to approach and study a whole new language and cultural sphere. We'll look behind the clichés and create a step-by-step plan. 

Hi there, I'm Rae! & I am ✨obsessed✨ with supporting

nonlinear lifestyles,
self-mastery, self-compassion and 
mindful workflow 
to globally-minded individuals

Interested in Working with Me? 

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