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Content Creator
Self-Mastery Coach,
Digital Nomad,
Learning Consultant,
Digital Transformations... 

"my goal is to live so uniquely, I could never sum it up in a resume"

Hi there,
    I'm Rae!

The Nonlinear Method  

The core of a nonlinear lifestyle is centring yourself and your values at the heart of everything you do. It's defining your progress and your next steps by those values, and not by a 'specific path' we perceive to be prestigious or correct. It asks you to shift your mindset and look at your life differently by building a career based on your how you want to live and who you want to be, and not let your career decide on your lifestyle for you. It's accepting that we can be more than a job title, and that there are multifaceted ways to contribute meaningfully to a career path and to the world. 

The Nonlinear Method focuses on you and how you want to live first and then finding fulfilling ways, of any kind, to do so. 

My Journey 

Teaching at IONA high school in Ocho Rios Jamaica-4.jpg

I've always had a million hobbies, and a lot of things I loved. When I was 10 years old I had decided I was going to be both a doctor and a performing artists, so I would go to art school (Julliard lol) first while I'm young and then medical school afterwards. Despite becoming a bit more realistic with age, not that much changed in college. I'd still always be flirting with different career paths and projects. While I attended school in Tokyo I worked as a private English teacher, a extra-curricular teacher in elementary schools, I had a part-time job as a YouTube Manager for a media company, I filmed my own YouTube videos, I was a freelance translator, I worked as a model for stock photos and did extra roles for movies filmed in Tokyo. When I talk about it now, it all sounds so thrilling and fulfilling- but I didn't think so then. 

I was anxious all the time, and continuosly seeking approval from someone to tell me I was heading the right direction. I kept feeling that what I was doing wasn't responsible or was somehow unproductive. I kept trying to re-invent myself for some career and then wound up not being satisfied, and would re-invent myself again shortly after for something else. It took me some years, some failures, and even a bit of global quarantine to realise, I've been doing it right all a long! I focused on my skills, how I wanted to live and what excited me. Insecurities and social expectations made me doubt my path, and I took a lot of detours to get here, but I'm finally able to not only live the life I've always dreamed of, but be satisfied with it too. 

That's why alongside documenting my own journey, I am committed to helping other people set outside the tattered box and to empower their own lives with a belief in the journey and the value of growth and self-mastery. 

Interested in Working with Me?

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A Few of My Favourite Things


Image by tu tu

Seeking Simplicity 



Learning is growing

Failing at Minimalism 

I can't call myself a minimalist but I try my best to live by minimalist values. It doesn't come naturally to me, but every year I get closer to that hyper-efficiency and sustainable lifestyle. 

Being a Life-long Student 

I'm often caught studying, reading, and writing notes about something. I love learning about psychology, sociology and culture most, but I fall down rabbit holes a lot too!



to create is to live

Being Creative

I'm happiest when I'm able to be creative in some way. Being creative grounds me, and makes me feel connected to my inner child. 

I am not a product



Trying things I'm
not great at yet 

One of my core values as someone who lives nonlinearly is that I actively find activities that excite me and stretch me in surprising ways. Like this time I was a ninja tour guide! 


More About Teresa-Rae 


I'm a person with a multicultural background from multicultural spaces, and I think that already says a lot about me. I'm a proud ambassador of pluralism in every form of the word; born in Kingston, Jamaica-- I was raised in two very different households between Jamaica and the USA. My most formative years spent in Jamaica. ​Both of my parents are also third-culture kids, my Dad being Chinese & Afro Jamaican, and my Mom being White, Indian and Chinese Jamaican. 



In light of my passion for cultures and people, I’ve learned five new languages (Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Spanish + Chinese) and travelled through 3 continents from a young age and on my own. I've attended (for various programmes and degrees) Hankuk University for Foreign Studies, Temple University Japan, Lund University and APUS. I've been a language tutor, teacher and coach since 2014 teaching Japanese, Korean, Spanish and English in different countries and capacities. That gives me 8 years of teaching under my belt. 

In total, I have studied, taught and attended conferences in 5 countries around the world and my experiences and work opportunities abroad have taught me many lessons and afforded me a great wealth of information that I'm more than ready to multiply, and share. 

I am currently studying Sociology with APUS.  




I've dipped my toes in just about everything there is on the internet, and I'm in love with everything it has to offer. I'm a Content Creator on YouTube, Twitter, Medium-- the works,  and create about the following things: 

1. Productivity, Efficiency, Work-flow, Self-Mastery 

2. Languages, Cultural Intelligence & Sociology
3. Tools, Technology, Digital Transformation and Opportunity​

As I grow this side of my platform, I am planning to get into online courses, digital solutions, SAAS and digital products 


Working with the Saitama Government 

Teaching English in South Korea 

Studying Swedish in Lund

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